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machina taste

This is going against my better judgment posting this here while arris gets to act like an ass posting smart ass comments n sutch.. but here goes..

Xero Velocity: HOw fucking sutffy and hot it is in my room. **faints**
Ratbat001: :;xero grabbing iyas soft toned inner thighs.. and forcing his aching throbbing cock deeply, tightly into her.. her legs prop up on his shoulders and he strattles her.
Xero Velocity: =P Mmhmm...Xero loves Iyah to the core. He always wants to be around her, to make her comfortable and happy all the time. He also likes to bring her Cookies, and grapes. =P
Ratbat001: lol..
Ratbat001: his hands around her knees.. and moved hardy into her.. filling her again and again
Ratbat001: his back arching.. and thrusting in..
Ratbat001: and he reches in and parts her lips with his 2 black fingers and fills her deeper and deeper
Xero Velocity: MMm...
Ratbat001: hehe
Ratbat001: mmmm
Xero Velocity: ^^
Ratbat001: =*
Ratbat001: mmm
Ratbat001: xero groanign and sweating..
Ratbat001: iyas thighs softly pressing against him..
Ratbat001: and his juices trickle
Xero Velocity: =*
Ratbat001: lol
Ratbat001: yeah...
Ratbat001: he moans when his cock is squeazed plesurably.. by her muscles
Ratbat001: precum oozing out and hes moaning soflty
Xero Velocity: **pictures this in his mind**
Xero Velocity: This sounds like a hot spring scene...=9
Ratbat001: lol
Ratbat001: yes...
Ratbat001: machinas cock throbs and grows bigger with everythrust
Ratbat001: getting ready to expload
Ratbat001: and then..
Ratbat001: some machina will pull out..
Ratbat001: and grind against the females lips..
Ratbat001: and then.. when they forced themselfs back in complelty..
Ratbat001: it feels so incredible and they expload so much harder
Xero Velocity: Mmm..
Ratbat001: mmm
Ratbat001: machina cum is so warm and smooth tho...
Ratbat001: it just makes eveyrhting warm and slick..
Ratbat001: drippign everyware..
Ratbat001: tricling down the thighs
Xero Velocity: Yes..
Ratbat001: there cum has healing propertys to
Xero Velocity: Heehee, like the story about the toothache. =P
Ratbat001: you do? ;D
Xero Velocity: =P
Ratbat001: lol
Ratbat001: there are other storys about that too..
Xero Velocity: Hee. \*
Ratbat001: wanna hear?
Xero Velocity: Sure. ^^
Ratbat001: lol
Ratbat001: yep..
Ratbat001: well..
Ratbat001: some guardias..
Ratbat001: are into..
Ratbat001: (i never told you this before)
Xero Velocity: Heh.
Xero Velocity: New things are always fun.
Ratbat001: they like to lick there machinas.. in special places...
Ratbat001: when a machina is aroused.. a little bit of precum will defuse through the surface of there matalic cod..
Ratbat001: like your xero..
Ratbat001: machinas cum is actually on the sweet side..
Ratbat001: like glucoseine
Ratbat001: its thick like molassis to.. very thick...
Ratbat001: ;;guardias will bite.. kick.. scratch.. suck on the mahcinas fingers and neck..
Ratbat001: and bite there chins..
Xero Velocity: Fiesty.
Ratbat001: and sometimes.. a guardia will put her hand on on her mans loins.. and around his jeg joints.. to frustrate his shaft and bring the honey to the surface.. and then they will lick there fingers slowly.. and then kiss there mate....
Ratbat001: there "juices" mixing..
Xero Velocity: Oooh.
Ratbat001: its rare tho.. most guardias think oral is discusting..
Xero Velocity: Heh.
Ratbat001: but soemtimes.. the guardia will get down on her knees and lick in bettween the joints of his buldging cod..
Xero Velocity: I wonder what it'd be like for the 2nd generation, where they can be external if possible.
Ratbat001: i actually thought about that the other day...
Xero Velocity: Really?
Ratbat001: for some reson.. (i actually liked it..) was thinking about nar and pen... Pen can be external if he wants..
Ratbat001: 2nd gen true machian males can be either internal or external if they want
Xero Velocity: Mmhmm.
Ratbat001: yeah... for the most part... (male machinas prefer penetration).... but nar was feeling experimental... and Pen could sense this...
Ratbat001: she was used to caressing his huge young length when it was soar.. and to guide it into her..
Ratbat001: man that feels good to....
Ratbat001: (in real life) the woman guiding the male into her..
Ratbat001: and thus..
Ratbat001: it does for nar to...
Ratbat001: she allways wants pen to be in her..
Ratbat001: she feels more confortable havign sex..
Ratbat001: then not havign sex..
Ratbat001: and her body will shake and tremble untill she can grab his huge grey himans and yank him into her..
Ratbat001: shes very friskey
Ratbat001: pis*
Ratbat001: hips*
Ratbat001: lol pis..
Ratbat001: ehem
Ratbat001: Pen is considerd a heavy class machina... because hes very big, and heaviuly armed.. and has a huge high perfomance engine system.. his core block is powerfull to
Ratbat001: and hes got extream hydrolic and shocks
Ratbat001: and eveuyrhting..
Ratbat001: s powerfull speedy stystem
Ratbat001: and a strong processor..
Ratbat001: so hes preatty good for nar
Ratbat001: anyway.......
Ratbat001: nar... says.. 'i want to... "
pen was like o.o :;blinks;; you wish to?"
Ratbat001: :;she pushes his big body down onto the grass...
Ratbat001: and strattles him...
Ratbat001: puts her finger to his face .,. 'shhhhh'
Ratbat001: and glids her hands down his chest.. down his armorus body...
Ratbat001: to his armoed his...
Xero Velocity: ^^
Ratbat001: and glides her soft hands to his huge groin... her hands massaging under his armored plates..
Ratbat001: pen likes to be felt under his armor plates
Ratbat001: she moves her soft brests around on his lap till a huge guisser gush overflows and his loins softens and his black gogeous metlaic cock unsheiths..
Ratbat001: it was all sticky everywere to.... his precum dripped down her brests and absorbed but she didnt notice...
Ratbat001: she almost bathed in it...
Ratbat001: untill even his thighs were coverd in his own cum
Ratbat001: Pen was alittle nervous.... because his cock was so engorged with blood it was extreamly sensetive... the base of his loins twinged in pain..
Ratbat001: she took it into her hands.. it was wonderfull... it was smooth and dark and shiney... glistening with precom.. and she could feel it growing harder in her hands..
Ratbat001: Pen moaned... and was very nervous.... very veyr nervous... his fingers grabbed the grass... "n..Narr... please...."
Ratbat001: >__' be gentle ok??
Xero Velocity: lol
Ratbat001: ;;she rubbs his shaking massive metal leggs to relax them... and moves a soft hand around the base of his black shaft...
Ratbat001: closes her eyes... and opens her mouth slowly... her warm breath tantilising his oozing tip..
Ratbat001: Pen grippss the ground hader and his head moves back.... and she takes his intire length lovingly into her mouth firmly...
Ratbat001: Pens body sharply lurches at the warm brisk suddency.. his back arches alittle.. and his thighs relax and still.. " Ah!! ahhh!! ssss mmm > <
Xero Velocity: Is he in pain?
Ratbat001: no...
Ratbat001: hes suprised..
Xero Velocity: Ah. I saw the > <. my mistake. =P
Ratbat001: his cock throbbed in her mouth.. like a gigantic heart beat... and she mooved her head down on him.. squeasing his young shaft powefully.. the precum squirting out of tyhe tip and filling her mouth with warmth....
Ratbat001: she had to open her mouth alittle to breath.. he was just too much for her..
Ratbat001: but she didnt stop...
Ratbat001: :;huff huff... mmmmm ::slurp.. sllll mmm :;huff::
Ratbat001: Pen remained silent.. quiet... his eyes shut...
Ratbat001: he didnt know quite what to make of it...
Xero Velocity: I'd be suprised too.
Ratbat001: but she could feel him.. and she grabe dhis huge mecha hands... a little bit of seamen dripping from her mouth.. she looked at him with calm eyes.. dont be scared....Pen.. i want this... i want to to want ti to... want ti from me..
Ratbat001: she rubbed her fingers in the palm of his hand.. and suckeld on the tip of his huge shaft.... her little toungue flicks...
Ratbat001: and his fear quickly relaxed and turned into bizarre comfort..
Ratbat001: ~___< :;hmm i supose.. this.. is nice...
Ratbat001: he spread his arms out wider in the grass and turned his head over and closed his eyes in comfort -___-
Ratbat001: his metalic armor with trickles of sweat
Ratbat001: Nar was very interested in his throbbing.... and took him copletly into her mouth again...
Xero Velocity: Thats alot to take. She must be deepthroating him.
Ratbat001: licking his cock up n down vigorously.. and there was just so much precum oozing out...
Ratbat001: (yeah shes deep throatong him)
Ratbat001: whenever she did anything.. pre cum squirted out vigorously.. and her only seemd to swell bigger...
Ratbat001: but she liked his warm length.. tasting it.. her little toung gliding down the black metal... dripping with honey
Ratbat001: ;;deepthroating him again and again.. and pens body started to thrust into her mouth slowly... he wimperd to...
Ratbat001: ;;m more.. nar.... faster....:;
Ratbat001: so she did.... she spoiled his male machinehood with her enveloping mouth over and over again.. deeper and deeper..
Ratbat001: and ben was huffing to.. huu huu Huu! hu! ~ ~
Xero Velocity: ^^
Ratbat001: He got up quickly and watched her hungrily pull his cock into he rmouth again and again.. and his own sweat dripped down his face plate.. and he felt hot and cold and.. the world was spinning..
Ratbat001: but he let her continue.. faster and faster..
Ratbat001: her tounge masasing his throbing tip..
Ratbat001: and.. he could feel himself getting nearer...
Ratbat001: nearer and nearer...
Ratbat001: sweat pouring down his raptured mecha face..
Ratbat001: and one hard thrust of her mouth ontop of him and his cock deep insider her and he just exploaded...
Ratbat001: cum spilling into her mouth freely like milk...
Ratbat001: he didnt cum all the way tho...
Xero Velocity: Tasty. Heh.
Ratbat001: his neron strands.. were confused....
Ratbat001: looking for..
Ratbat001: and he looks at her and grabed her little hips...
Ratbat001: she was sticky with cum all over...
Xero Velocity: =P
Ratbat001: closed her eyes.. and they kissed.. his cum dripping all ove rhim now...
Ratbat001: his wet fingers grabed her firmly... and he forced his huge black machine cock deep within her lips under her pubic bone.. like no force in heaven or earth could keep him from cumming
Ratbat001: and her road her body incredibly fast...
Ratbat001: he*
Ratbat001: his cock forcing into her again and again ans again.. and Again.. and oh god.. again... erraticly.. uncontrolled.. excited...
Ratbat001: fucking and fucking...
Ratbat001: the cum squirting everware...
Ratbat001: her wet face sucking and bitting his face..
Ratbat001: his fingers clenched to her rump like claws..
Ratbat001: his hisp pounding.. his heart pounding oh god...
Ratbat001: the pleasure was soo intence...
Ratbat001: body thick and sticky.. and the blades of grass stick to there backs..
Ratbat001: pen enjoyed it so much...
Xero Velocity: Heehee.
Xero Velocity: I bet he did.
Ratbat001: he did untill he couldnt stand it anylonger and just.. came hard into her... again and again.. and his system spasiming inside and up his back like small fires..
Ratbat001: her tight female debths squeasing him and the heat burning pasison like mad..
Ratbat001: he thrust.. and thust.. body so soo tired... thrusting.. feeling every last drop of his sweet essence being stolen from his tip..
Ratbat001: draining and draning.. and then oozing softly... and the throbbing.. relaxing.. relaxing in a sea of his own cum.. deep inside her..
Xero Velocity: MMm...
Xero Velocity: Heh, narewhal is Kakkeron's guardia right?
Ratbat001: no narewhal and pen
Ratbat001: Pen is peneropes first son
Xero Velocity: Oh, wrong couple I was thinking of.
Ratbat001: lol
Xero Velocity: Okay, who's Kakkeron's guardia.
Xero Velocity: *?
Ratbat001: kakerons guardia is Dilana
Ratbat001: and narewhal is cardigans daughter.
Xero Velocity: **imagines Dilana giving Kakeron the same attention with her mouth, then laughs suddenly as her cheeks simply /buldge/ when he cums** XD
Ratbat001: kakeron and narewhal cnanot have sex because they are brother and sister
Xero Velocity: I forgot that.
Xero Velocity: I mixed up names.
Ratbat001: heh... well.. Pen.. he cried.. out.. nearly screamed..
Ratbat001: and nar cried out with orgasm as well grabing his body and holding her close..
Ratbat001: and pens crystlaine eyes.. filled with tears..
Ratbat001: he layed on top of her.. she breathed hard.. and they waited for there streingth to return..
Ratbat001: and pen..
Ratbat001: he nuzzled her nace..
Ratbat001: tears of joy
Xero Velocity: Kawaii!
Ratbat001: there bodies glisten in the sun...
Ratbat001: like wet metal..
Ratbat001: ^^ it was wet metal
Xero Velocity: ^^
Ratbat001: and pen.. he moaned and kissed and moand some mroe..
Ratbat001: Pen was just so fucking excited and friskey..
Ratbat001: he moaned and kissed..
Ratbat001: Oh god nar! i love you so much!
Ratbat001: that was incredible!
Ratbat001: nar.. i love you soo much... :;huff huff:: ^___^ !!
Ratbat001: she layed her head back.. closed her eyes and smiled.. she was so exhausted..
Ratbat001: face dripping with sweat
Ratbat001: and she smiled.. you feel good to pen... your so beautifull.. :;huggs::
Ratbat001: and thats the story..
Xero Velocity: Awww cuuuute.
Ratbat001: the end
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