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astley gundaron x birdie guardia (part 1)

This was a conversation bettween me and a good freind chris (xero) me and him enjoyed this sory so much i thought i might share it with you all. it was done in aol conversation form so please bear with us:

Ratbat001: i talked about what i thought today
Ratbat001: about astley
Xero Velocity: Yeah, I red. Gods, he must be like the horneiest machina alive right now. He's dripping with it.
Ratbat001: yeah.. astley was built for speed.. so most of his chest is a huge engine core block.. with a large chest vrneir to vent heat
Ratbat001: and huge jets to
Ratbat001: but along with all that energy
Ratbat001: his steel loins burn hot..
Ratbat001: shakes for birdie.
Ratbat001: who is a simple girl
Xero Velocity: She must be feeling the same for him. I can see it ni my mind actually. Hot passionate sex in a room with many windows. All of them are like, steaming up, and if you look closely at the two, you could probably see a little heat distortion from the two. Like you would see rising from hot pavement.
Ratbat001: mmm
Ratbat001: yeah
Ratbat001: you see...
Ratbat001: birdie.. is a very simple person..
Ratbat001: but astley is a very dominant male..
Ratbat001: very friskey
Ratbat001: and very powerfull
Ratbat001: hes very masculine..
Xero Velocity: Oooh.
Ratbat001: and yes.. his metal drips with (condensation) sweat
Xero Velocity: God, I bet he's really hung, right?
Ratbat001: yeah hes hung and he throbs
Ratbat001: most of all tho.. the part that makes girls toes really curl
Ratbat001: is the fact machinas all have girth
Ratbat001: they are very thick
Xero Velocity: Heh, if he were human size, what, he'd be like a pringles can?
Ratbat001: well.. a pringles can is to big..
Ratbat001: thats like lesbian fisting
Xero Velocity: Yeah, that is overboard.
Ratbat001: but i understand what you mean
Ratbat001: its more like..
Ratbat001: a roll of cookie dough ;p
Xero Velocity: Tasty.
Xero Velocity: XD
Ratbat001: lol
Ratbat001: yeah.. its also veryhot to..
Ratbat001: machinas body temp is allways a few degrees higher then a guardia
Ratbat001: helps there blood flow faster
Xero Velocity: I'll be very vulgar here. When astley cums..does he like, cum alot. Heh, like really blow a load? like enough, so that even though its absorbed, it can splash back anc coat basically his entire groin, and her's as well, as with their legs?
Ratbat001: males have thick rich blood
Ratbat001: he cums HARD
Xero Velocity: Like, how hard?
Ratbat001: like.. theres so much it oozes out of her and runs down her leg..
Ratbat001: and he shreiks and grabs her body
Ratbat001: and thrusts till it all drains out of him
Ratbat001: but at the time of climax... the blash of silky hot seamen only heightens the females ograsm
Xero Velocity: Now thats alot of spooge.
Ratbat001: the warmth is stimulating.. it actually stimulates multiple orgasms
Xero Velocity: Geez...thats like, ultra sex there.
Ratbat001: she enjoys it too.. shell lick the sweat off his face plate
Xero Velocity: Oooh.,
Xero Velocity: Thats awesome.
Xero Velocity: ..does she ever try to taunt him? Just a little?
Ratbat001: and hell continue to lay on top of her rubbing her back untill he swealls again
Ratbat001: forplay hehe?
Xero Velocity: Yes.
Xero Velocity: That sometimes can make up half the sex.
Ratbat001: well..yes. theres alot of foreplay.. tho the males uually do it..
Ratbat001: the females can to..
Ratbat001: like.. for instance..
Ratbat001: shel come up to him and hes in the middle of work..
Ratbat001: and shel glid her smooth hand on his buldge..
Ratbat001: backnfourth taking his metal flesh into her hand..
Ratbat001: and hel get a little hotter..
Xero Velocity: mmmm. That must be so incredibly arousing.
Ratbat001: and he'll go into a trance.. his hands moving up her but to remove her pantys
Xero Velocity: Hmm, I thought guadrias didnt wear clothes that often.
Xero Velocity: Is Birdie different?
Ratbat001: birdie wears clothes. and astley hates that
Xero Velocity: Rip and tear.
Xero Velocity: Its like christmas presents.
Ratbat001: he wants to tear her out of the clothes and liberate her beautifull self
Xero Velocity: ^^
Ratbat001: and he wants to twist and intertwine himself around her nakedness
Xero Velocity: Mmm..
Xero Velocity: Her legs all wrapping around his waist.
Ratbat001: ooo.. yes...
Ratbat001: sometimes..
Ratbat001: hell come up behind her all aroused..
Ratbat001: his voice will get soft..
Ratbat001: and hel press his buldge into her and then move on her back..
Ratbat001: liek a fucking beast
Xero Velocity: Mmmm.
Ratbat001: his warm face plate rubbing along the soft hairs ont he back of her neck
Xero Velocity: Fucking Beast indeed.
Ratbat001: then his large black squarish fingers will manuver down her belly infront and slip in bettween her lips and feel for a bit..
Ratbat001: softly...
Ratbat001: just as she moistens up with warm honey he spread her lips appart and force his huge thick hot wet black cock all the way deeply into her.. moaning..
Ratbat001: moaning with pleasure
Ratbat001: cause birdie feels so tight and good
Xero Velocity: Mmm...is it possible for astley and birdie to have roughe sex, like har dthrusting, and deep, but gentle.
Ratbat001: yes..
Ratbat001: deep and gentle..
Ratbat001: and fast to..
Ratbat001: so fast..
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