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astley gundaron x birdie guardia (part 3)

Ratbat001: cupping and taking her brest in his hot sweaty hands..
Ratbat001: machine hands..
Ratbat001: she feels alittle trickle.. almost like she was going to pee.. but it was diffrent.. she felt her body starting to cum.....
Ratbat001: her body arched up..
Xero Velocity: Aww nuts, I have to
Ratbat001: and he continued to fill her again and again..
Xero Velocity: *get some toilet paper. x.x
Ratbat001: lol
Ratbat001: he nuzzled and kissed her neack moaning ans scremaing.. 'birdie.. feel can you feel this pleasure?! can you feel my streingth?? my power?! my heat possitivly bringing your body to sweat climax! yes yes!
Ratbat001: oh god
Xero Velocity: Oh god indeed..
Ratbat001: her young lips squeased his swolen cock and he forced and exploaded fast and hard.. still filling her again and again
Ratbat001: still filling her.. again.. and again..
Xero Velocity: Wow..
Ratbat001: spilling forevr and ever
Xero Velocity: mmm...thats beautiful..
Ratbat001: she felt his hot honey touch her fll her up.. and she cried out and cumed squeased his lenth
Ratbat001: his hard grip gently grabing her thighs..
Ratbat001: and her colapsed upon her back..
Ratbat001: moved up. and around her...
Ratbat001: and rabed her in his heavy hug...
Ratbat001: her body still so full with his excited machinehood..
Ratbat001: with didnt relax...
Ratbat001: it was still fully engorged..
Ratbat001: still so aroused..
Ratbat001: her arms wraped around his neck and head..
Xero Velocity: ^^
Ratbat001: and they locked in a long sentous kiss
Ratbat001: breathing hard...
Ratbat001: recovering streingth
Ratbat001: his hands gliding up and down her back.. and his crystaline eyes shut and full of tears of pleasure..
Ratbat001: she could still feel the fullnes of his cock deep insider he moist legs drenched with cum..
Ratbat001: and she wraped her legs around his hips
Ratbat001: "oh god.. oh god....he moaned... kissing her...:;moving his hands down to grasp her butt:;
Xero Velocity: ..such stamina.
Ratbat001: her exhasted body layed against him.. breathng hard and licking his metal and his heavy hands guided her against his still excited loins.. back and fourth back and fourth..
Ratbat001: but he coulf feel himself moving slowly into climax again..
Ratbat001: her sweet inner thghs and lips enveloping his shaft..
Ratbat001: and the cum streaming about his metlaic huge thighs
Xero Velocity: Such strength.
Ratbat001: he forced his cock into her again and again with his hands..
Ratbat001: exchasted but so very excited..
Ratbat001: tossing his head back to moan
Ratbat001: and to partack of her awsome beauty
Ratbat001: she could barely wistand him... he was so powerfull...
Ratbat001: "oh birdie.. i cant stop... i just.. cant stop.. i want you so much..."
Ratbat001: "birdie i love you... i need you..."
Ratbat001: she moved sharply forward and felt himself expload alittle bit harder and deper and more vigourus this time...
Ratbat001: he clecnhed her and held her against him.. against his cock..
Ratbat001: and she screamed with pleasure greater pleasure..
Ratbat001: till she couldnt scream anymore..
Ratbat001: and felt herself slipping away
Xero Velocity: mmmmm...
Ratbat001: he moved more relaxingly against her clit.. spilling out his cum letting her loins feast on his essence
Ratbat001: untill her fell to the side hot sticcky metal onto the cool sheets
Ratbat001: and her shaking beautifull body lay against the cool sheets..
Ratbat001: both exhausted...
Ratbat001: so tired..
Ratbat001: he brought her close and nuzzled her face.. and she moans.. "god, machine.... oh my god astley... that felt so good...
Ratbat001: soo soo goood...
Ratbat001: mmm...
Ratbat001: '"he kissed her...
Ratbat001: held her close..
Ratbat001: birdie...
Ratbat001: i love you...
Ratbat001: i love you so much..
Ratbat001: and they both fell fast asleep
Xero Velocity: That was a wonderful story..
Xero Velocity: I could so picture that in my mind.
Ratbat001: his big arms around her little petite body
Ratbat001: he envelops her..

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