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i had a long talk with preds "mate" yes i know im strange but i like to call the sugnificant other the "mate' because its a habbit from edenworld. machina and guardias are eatchothers mates like animals. (and i think this emaginary world is responsible for ruining my veiw of marrage to!)oh well. i found out his fav mecha is fullgore whitch struck me as hilarious being that i havent played killer instinct for years and that i remember this goofly little SD version of him from way back when.

i emagined a young machina flying upside down today.. courting his girl with apples from the tree and she'd enjoy herself in the cool shade. living on eden is simple within the hidden complexitys. -.- i really wish i could exsist in a world of loving mecha especially now...
so im sitting here eating a corn bread muffin like some hopeless unit (read my resent personal post for details) id like to be eating this cornbread muffin in the hands of a tall white mecha. under a tree even.. counting birds.
id like so much, so much infact that i know if i ever got it then thats the prescise moment id be dead. because nothing good ever happens like that in real life.
... i wonder how far im eventually gunna go for this fetish. "every saint has a past, but every sinner has a futore" if thats true.. is mecha h a sin? or maybe.. the cornbread is the real bad guy.. who knows.

i need to start working on some new mecha hentai pics now.
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