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somewere, over the rainbow...

today is my first entry in a live journal. ive been fascinated ever since seeing my freind kesshin on a diffrent journal use this feature. i suppose it was time for me to talk about myself in a permanent matter anyway. im really happy to have some comunity to talk with, even if its a small comunity of only like 3 or 4 mecha fetishers (but its better then nothing) actually.. heres a little story.

Today i was working at the library as usual, (working hard for that dolla) avoiding my bitch of a supervisor who totaly hasnt gotten laid since the 1700's. anyway im at the computer playing yahoo mahjong solitare and im on the rag so i havent been feeling good anyway.
a small guardia about age 5(10) and a male young machina in that case were laying amungst eatchother under the stars of edenworld. this was a beautifull sight, but she was actually rather meloncholy. the male being as sensetive to her internal thoughts listend to her intently. and she began to sing.. 'somewere over the rainbow" not like the crap disney version but a sad solor of a version. and it felt like how i was feeling . the male machina.. felt her sadness inside and could do nothing more but to hold her close to him, his warm metalic self nudged closer and he nuzzled his smooth face plate against her tear-ladden cheek. its that thought thats been driving me through the horrible hours of boring work i do. actually, ive been in my eden world alot latly.. it means my life is headed for tourmoil.. and more and more i feel a need to talk to people about it. (what i really need tho is someone irl i can talk to without feeling so utterly ashamed or fearfull of them making fun of it) but im letting go now more these days...i should grow some balls.
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