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astley gundaron x birdie guardia (part 2)

Ratbat001: shes tearing off the sheets by the end..
Xero Velocity: Mmm..
Xero Velocity: Shaking the foundation.
Ratbat001: as hes moving deep into her hell lift her thigh to the side so he can pump faster..
Xero Velocity: What a beast....savagley gentle.
Xero Velocity: *savagely
Ratbat001: and she can just feel his intire hot lenth moving hungrily into her loins
Ratbat001: and one of his large hands gently grasping her brest too
Ratbat001: face plate burryed into her neck.. eyes shut tight in rapture moaning like a bear
Ratbat001: and therebodys are wet with sweat
Xero Velocity: Mmhmmm..
Ratbat001: pre cum oozing out of his swollen cock
Xero Velocity: Steaming every window in the room..
Ratbat001: yes..
Ratbat001: he rump is all pushed up on his hips and his hips are moving into her...
Ratbat001: her*
Xero Velocity: Doggie style must be extreme for them..
Ratbat001: her muscles are throbbing and contracting and squeazing his cock.. milking him.. and she can feel him gliding tightly against her sensetive clit
Ratbat001: god you just dont understand..
Ratbat001: this machine is heavy for her..
Xero Velocity: I want to understand..badly.
Ratbat001: shes loving it to.. its so taboo... its almost as if shes not suposed to like it...
Ratbat001: but astley doesnt let her think like this..
Ratbat001: as soon as she gets an ill thought...
Xero Velocity: it isnt taboo..its perfect..
Ratbat001: he gives her anouther full taste of his throbing machinehood
Ratbat001: god she wants to scream because it feels soo good
Xero Velocity: That has to feel so good...just this blinding pleasure. Crashing waves in this ocean of love and incredibly pleasure.
Ratbat001: her back is all wet with his machine sweat to
Ratbat001: there just dripping hot..
Xero Velocity: Oh yes...
Ratbat001: (are you aroused?)
Xero Velocity: Yes.
Ratbat001: mmm me too..
Ratbat001: the cool thing about this...
Ratbat001: is shes so soft..
Ratbat001: her body.. her whole body is pink and soft..
Xero Velocity: Mmhmm.
Ratbat001: and hes a balad of hard dark red and purple and white metal
Xero Velocity: Yeah..
Ratbat001: so his hot steamy sweaty slick metal body is all overher..
Xero Velocity: His thick, large black cock thrusting into her deeply, filling her again and again..mmm..
Ratbat001: forcing his huge engorged cock into her tight depths
Ratbat001: she bites her lip..
Ratbat001: and her eyes close..
Ratbat001: her brow contorts..
Ratbat001: and she wants to scream
Ratbat001: and hes thrusting faster and faster and again
Ratbat001: filling her again and again
Ratbat001: red and white hands grasping her hips.. moving her against his body as he pushes in.. controlling her pace.. and with his legs he spreads her les farther.. moaning..
Ratbat001: "my sweet love..it feels so good.. let me fill you harder..oooh"
Ratbat001: "let me fill you harder.. ..more more..."
Xero Velocity: Oh yes..
Ratbat001: :;fingers clenched at her hips and his face burryed into her neck..
Xero Velocity: Filling her faster and faster...
Ratbat001: out of her sweet lips she licks and reachees around in back of her to put her soft palsm on his muscular metal thrusting hips to just fele his power
Ratbat001: his raw mechanicle power..
Ratbat001: like a peice of heavy construction equipment..
Ratbat001: like a dirty hard pump
Xero Velocity: Mmmhmm.
Xero Velocity: Pure power.
Ratbat001: yes by now his engine is in overdrive too.. burning pure energy
Ratbat001: venting heat..trying to cool his flash hot body
Ratbat001: and then ..he would rock his hips back n fourth.. all around..
Ratbat001: deep circular motion..
Ratbat001 rocking...
Ratbat001: moving her small hips with his movments..
Ratbat001: and she bit the pillows
Ratbat001: she layed her head down on the pillows with her body in the air..
Ratbat001: bitting hard..
Xero Velocity: Circular motions must drive birdie crazy..
Ratbat001: and he would move out completly.. only to completly forced himself back into her frustrated well
Ratbat001: he would do this several times..
Ratbat001: an the friction on the head.. the tip of his cock brought more endless sticky honey out..
Ratbat001: ozzing and swallowed by her body
Ratbat001: she moans.. 'please astley.. more.. fuck me.. harder.."
Xero Velocity: ANd he is perfectly happy to oblige
Ratbat001: and he plunges his out of control wsolen metal beast into her lips
Ratbat001: cys out with pleasure.. and his strong leggs shake..
Ratbat001: because he feels as if hes escalating to orgagasm quickly
Ratbat001: his body practicly thrusts involintarily now..
Ratbat001: moving faster and faster..
Xero Velocity: Oh, he probably is.
Ratbat001: his hot cock moving against her clit.. rubbing it.. caressing it.. and her spine tingles and itches.. and she lurches...
Ratbat001: but his body cant help it...
Ratbat001: "birdy it feels soo good............ so so good!"
Ratbat001: all his metalic muscles contract and move back hard.. streathing out.. and his engine roaring.. and the tingling filling his sytem..
Ratbat001: his mind..
Ratbat001: his computer is numb withh all but the primal urge to fll her..
Ratbat001: to fill her very core
Xero Velocity: The pleasure must almost be inspiration.
Ratbat001: she feels like sutch an animal getting fucked by this heavy powerfull formula machine too..
Ratbat001: his hands rubbing her errect nipples..
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