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The Form!

Its finally here! the form of goodness! Wooty! Just reply to this entry and fill it out ^_^


Nick (on IRC) (or other nick, whatever you wanna be called):

Real Name (can be a fake real name ;p):

Avatar/Sprite: filename, and url to it, or email it to me. Make sure to include your Nick in the email, and put "MechaHentai Profile" in the topic. If you don't have an avatar or sprite you'd like to use, youll automatically have Sailor Vegeta:

Email address (you can edit it funny to put up here so a robot can't get it, like dudeATwhateverDOTcom, etc) Please say if you don't want it listed on the page:


URL to your website and title of your website (if you have one):

URL to anything else of yours wou want listed, such as Livejournal, or Elfwood Account, etc:

URL submissions for the Links section of the page:

Computer Specs (if you have more than one computer, list the one you use most):

Favorite Thing to Watch (TV show, anime, movie, etc, as long as its VIDEO):

Favorite Music (if applicable, list artists, genres, specific songs, etc):

Favorite Games (or types of games, at least try to list ONE game you like ;p):

Favorite Quote (please only have one):

Hobbies (what you do to waste time):

Sexuality (hetero, bi, homo, tecchi, etc):

Sex Info (whatever you'd like to let the world know, kinky sex positions, wild fantasy, whatever):

Personal Info (whatever you'd like to say about yourself that hasn't already been covered):
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