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MH Page in the works! (finally)

Yup, tis true, I'm currently working on the MH page, and I need your help.

I haven't gotten to making the members page yet, because I don't think I'm going to use the old profile template for it, so here's your mission: help me come up with fields for the profile pages. I'll start it off, with the fields I'd like to have, you may suggest others. As soon as we've got a good profile template, i'll post another journal entry for you all to reply to with your filled-out profile forms.

Fields: Nick, Real Name, Avatar/Sprite (I may even make everyone have both), email address, url to website and title of site, url to journal and title of journal, ICQ/AIM/etc, computer specs, favorite tv show/anime/movie/whatever you wanna list, favorite music, favorite game(s).

Please give me more suggestions ^_^
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